Associazione Italiana Sensori e Microsistemi


The Italian Association of Sensors and Microsystems, known with the acronym AISEM, has been funded in 1995.

AISEM was promoted by Prof. Arnaldo D’Amico as an outcome of the National Project on Sensors, funded by the National Research Council (CNR) in the framework of a large research project on microelectronics. In spite of the focus on electronics, the project gathered together researchers in the wide field of sensors.

This interdisciplinary approach was imported in AISEM and it is the distinctive mark of all AISEM initiatives. Among them, the national Conference has been most successful. Since the beginning, it was decided that these Conferences had to be held in a single session, giving the possibility to all the participants, independently of their own peculiar culture, to attend talks dealing with any sensing topic. This approach is based on the principle that, in spite of the different disciplines, a unified approach to sensor science exists, so that sharing experiences in apparently distant topics is a cultural enrichment.

Then, at AISEM Conferences chemists, physicists, material scientists, electronic engineers and others, share their results and activities, creating unexpected links and fertile research developments.

List of past AISEM conferences:

  • 1996 Roma
  • 1997 Roma
  • 1998 Genova
  • 1999 Roma
  • 2000 Lecce
  • 2001 Bologna
  • 2002 Pisa
  • 2003 Trento
  • 2004 Ferrara
  • 2005 Firenze
  • 2006 Lecce
  • 2007 Napoli
  • 2008 Roma
  • 2009 Pavia
  • 2010 Messina
  • 2011 Roma La Casaccia
  • 2013 Brescia
  • 2015 Trento
  • 2017 Lecce
  • 2019 Napoli

As a further witness of the interdisciplinary character of science and technology of sensors, some scientific societies launched their own sections dedicated to sensors. For this reason, since 2012 a national conference on sensors was launched with the main scope of gathering all the specific research national societies interested in sensors. Then, after 2012, the national Conference alternates with the AISEM Conference, which switched to a biannual period.

The national conferences were held in 2012, 2014, and 2016 in Rome.

Next year, the fourth edition of National Conference will be held in Catania organized by Gruppo Nazionale Misure Elettriche.