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Joint Training School 2019


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Joint Training School 


Chemical Sensors, Biosensors and Biochips

22-26 September 2019, Centre Le Lazaret, Sète, France

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Topics and list of lecturers

Materials & Technologies for Chemical Sensing:

Adsorption on solids, Sensors on plastic and polymers, Micro-nano technologies for gas sensors, Biosensors and bio-electrochemistry, Piezo-electrical properties, Metal oxide heterostructures, Optical technologies for biosensors, Low dimensional nanomaterials, Porous Solids

Systems Integration & Applications:

Multifunctional micro- and nanosystems, Multivariate data analysis and pattern recognition, New Generation of Sensors in Automotive, Energy harvesting & power supply, Lab on Chip for Biomedical Applications,  Advancements in miniaturized breathalyzers, Chemical Sensors for Non-invasive Diagnosis


Biosensors, bio-electrochemistry

Nicole JAFFREZIC / Univ. Lyon (France)


Adsorption on solids, defects chemistry

Jean-Paul VIRICELLE / Ecole des Mines St-Etienne (France)


Low dimensional nanomaterials for gas sensing

Eduard. LLOBET / Univ. Tarragona (Spain)


Nanoporous Solids for Chemical Sensing

Maria PILAR PINA / Univ Zaragoza (Spain)


Piezo-electrical properties Applications with piezoelectrical sensors



Metal oxide heterostructures for chemical sensors

Dario ZAPPA / University of Brescia (Italy)


Micro-nano technologies for gas sensors

Philippe MENINI / LAAS Toulouse (France)


Metal oxide heterostructures for chemical sensors Inkjet-printed chemical and physical sensors on flexible subsrates

Benoit PIRO / Univ. Paris-Diderot (France)


An introduction to multivariate data analysis and pattern recognition

Eugenio MARTINELLI / University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)


Optical biosensing strategies

Sara TOMBELLI / CNR-IFA, Firenze (Italy)


Nanostructured optical fiber luminescent sensors

Nerea DE ACHA MORRAS / Univ. Navarre (Spain)


Lab on Chip for Biomedical Applications

M. QUERO / Univ. Seville (Spain)


Multifunctional micro- and nanosystems for chemical and integrated sensing

Luca FRANCIOSO / CNR-IMM, Lecce (Italy)


Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): the New Generation of Sensors in Automotive

Sabrina CONOCI / ST Microelectronics, Catania (Italy)


Advancements in miniaturized breath analyzers

Jan MITROVICS / JLM Innovation Tubingen (Germany)


Energy harvesting & power supply

Andre PEREIRA  iNANOENERGY, Univ. Porto (Portugal)